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    Brenda Delaney

      How do you guys vent your parlor stoves?? I rescued my great great grandparent’s Sterling parlor stove from a storage shed, had it sandblasted and painted,  and need to find a place to put it.  I thought the unheated sunroom would be a great spot. But I’m told that in order to protect my home from sparks and down drafting,  I have to spend about $3000 to install a 15 foot or more high chimney that is about a foot in diameter, plus $500 for a hearth pad under the stove. My sunporch is a separate, 1 story, unheated room with a slate floor (slate slabs grouted together) that is attached to the house off the kitchen, and has sliding glass doors for 3 of the walls (the 4th wall is where it attaches to the house).

      I think I could solve the downdraft problem into the house by cracking one of sunroom’s sliding glass doors open, thus equalizing the pressure a bit so smoke isn’t forced through the door to the house.  I wasn’t planning on using this stove much, just occasionally for fun and to take the chill off in the spring and late fall.  Do I really need a 15 foot chimney? I have a 2 story house, so having a giant chimney sticking out of a 1 story sunroom might look ridiculous.  My stove might end up as a really heavy decoration.  Ugh….

      Thanks for any advice,

      Brendasterling stove

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