Antique Stove Tile Reproductions

Vesele Studio offers a collection of custom reproductions of original tiles found on antique stoves.  Browse the current collection of beautifully sculpted and glazed ceramic tiles made specifically for stove collectors at:

Considered by many to be the finest reproductions on the market today, Vesele Studio offers its current collection as well as custom reproductions.  With a limited supply of original tiles in existence, it is sometimes necessary to create a new reproduction to complete a stove restoration.  Vesele Studio will work with the restorer to create an original replica using remaining parts of existing original tile, which are sometimes broken, chipped, cracked or sometimes missing pieces.  The new tile is redesigned, hand carved and molded so multiple tiles can be reproduced.  Please contact Vesele Studio if you have a project in mind!

You can view the current collection and order online at:

Mary Veselenak
Rogers City, MI
[email protected]
Posted 03/19 - Renewal 03/06/23